One of my all time pet peeves is to watch someone pull into a handicapped parking space, attach their little blue handicapped parking permit to the rear view mirror, get out of their car, and then I see that there's absolutely nothing is wrong with them! They don't even use a walking stick! 

Listen up: Handicapped means physically or mentally disabled!  It doesn't mean you can use your brother-in-law's handicapped sticker to make a quick trip to the market. 

It happens all the time, so I know you've all seen it as well. And to make matters even worse, they park in the handicapped spaces even when there are plenty of other spaces available, and just as close. I guess it's just the idea of the thing. They want to park in the very first space. It makes them feel special. Well these selfish, insensitive, self-centered, egomaniacs not only tick me off, but think of all the disabled men or women who have to walk all the way across the parking lot because their space has been taken by some idiot in good health. Good gosh! If I live to be a thousand I'll never know why human beings behave this way?

I say parking in a handicapped space when you aren't handicapped, should be a $1,000 fine! Do you agree or disagree?

By the way, there is a book out about driving with low vision, with a five-star review posted on Amazon.  It's called Driving With Confidence: A Practical Guide to Driving With Low Vision. If this subject fits you circumstances, read the review. 

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